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Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone Services

Quality, clarity, flexibility and economy

At SystemMetrics we offer turnkey virtual phone systems that enable companies of all sizes to leverage the features of an enterprise-class PBX system without having to purchase and maintain one.
Powerful and scalable, our Commercial VoIP Phone Services actually simplify the operation of your business phone system, while providing advanced calling features, customer service, affordability and reliability.

Eliminating the need to provision an in-house phone system offers inherent cost savings, with calling plan options that are more flexible and generally less expensive. Naturally, the maintenance and 24/7 support of our VoIP solutions are both included at no extra cost.

We currently deliver VoIP Phone Services to customers both nationally and internationally. We can provide phone numbers in over 95% of U.S. markets, and businesses can keep their existing numbers while seamlessly porting over to our service.

SystemMetrics VoIP services can also be bundled with our network delivery solutions. Bundling in this way ensures the highest possible call quality, reduces the number of vendors involved and trims overall business costs.

We also provide redundant data lines and on-site protective equipment for our phone and data solutions, along with a built-in disaster recovery plan that guarantees service to callers even if the customer site is offline.

VoIP Benefits +

A better approach to voice

  • Exceptional Voice Quality – A noticeable improvement over traditional phone systems and phone service.
  • Reliability – Fully redundant system housed in our hardened data center facility. A built-in disaster recovery solution mitigates risks due to power outages.
  • Scalability – Customers can add phones as their organization grows. Additional sites are easily integrated into the corporate phone environment.
  • Reduced Maintenance – All maintenance of the phone service is provided by SystemMetrics at no additional charge.
  • Advanced Features – Gives customers the advanced features of an in-house phone system without having to purchase one.
  • Lower costs – Lower initial equipment and implementation costs compared to in-house phone systems. Calling plans are generally more cost-effective.
  • Flexibility – VoIP service is customizable through programming, allowing the system to respond to dynamic business environments.

VoIP Features +

Commercial Full-Featured Hosted PBX Solution

  • E911 Service included per FCC Regulations. The SystemMetrics Commercial Hosted IP PBX Solution is fully compliant with FCC Regulations with regard to 911 and e911 services.
  • Multiple Lines per Phone. Users have the ability to assign multiple lines per phone.
  • Distinctive Rings. Users can assign different ring tones to phone lines.
  • Unified Messaging with Voicemail-to-Email Capability. Users can receive voicemails as emails. Voicemails are emailed to the user’s email address as standard .wav attachments, enabling longer-term voicemail archiving and collaboration via email.
  • Call Queues and Priority Queues. Allows multiple calls to be placed in a queue and answered by the next available operator.
  • Ring Both. Ability to ring a desk phone number and a remote number simultaneously.
  • Find Me/Follow Me. Allows successive forwarding of calls to remote numbers.
  • Multi-Level IVR and Auto-Attendants. Callers dialing the main corporate number hear a prerecorded message informing them of what company they have reached and what their options are, enabling callers to “Press 1 for Support” or “Press 2 for Sales.”
  • Customizable Music-On-Hold. Plays music (either stock or custom) for inbound callers while they are on hold.
  • Group and Number Pickup. Numbers may be assigned to groups and ring across multiple phones in the group for pickup.
  • Call Presence and Busy Lamps. User contact lists can show if contact is actively engaged in a call.
  • 3-Way Calling. Connects three people into a mini-conference call.
  • Caller ID. Displays the caller’s phone number on the Phones screen.
  • Call Waiting. Allows switching between two simultaneous calls.
  • Call Forwarding. From their phone or provided Web Portal, users can forward calls to a remote number or other extension.
  • Do Not Disturb. Incoming calls are automatically routed to voicemail, reception or alternate extension.
  • Domestic and International Long Distance.
  • SMS and Pager Notification of Voicemails. Gives users the ability to enter an SMS or Pager email address to receive voicemail notifications to that device; these notifications are • short in length and do not include the actual audio attachments.
  • Web-Based User Portal for Personal Call Routing. Users may adjust basic settings via an easy-to-use web portal.
  • Attended Transfers. Interactive call transfers.
  • Blind Transfers. Allows users to transfer a call to another extension or external number without the need to wait for the other person to pick up.
  • Inbound Fax Reception. Inbound faxes are received and converted to .pdf files and delivered to user’s email.