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Engineered Network Services

Get your business up to speed

Our engineering expertise enables businesses to overcome the challenges presented by more conventional network bandwidth offerings.

Engineered Private Connectivity Solutions (EPCS)

SystemMetrics Engineered Private Connectivity Solutions (EPCS) provide businesses with the ability to connect multiple sites privately and securely. This creates a Wide Area Network (WAN) which extends the corporate internal network to all locations. Customer sites may utilize different transport mediums at different sites based on their specific requirements, while SystemMetrics provides the overall unification of the private customer network mediums. EPCS can provide Quality of Service (QoS), routed and switched connectivity to multi-site or site-to-offsite computing environments.


  • Flexibility – EPCS supports different data circuit mediums at each customer site; Quality of Service can give priority to certain types of traffic such as VoIP and video conferencing
  • Scalability – Additional sites are easily added to the corporate network
  • Efficiency – EPCS enhances efficiency by optimizing the data path between locations, while boosting performance and reducing equipment requirements at each site

Commercial Internet Access

We provide redundant-carrier Internet access over a variety of connection mediums up to 10 Gbps.

We can also provide custom BGP options for enterprise customers looking to diversify their Internet connectivity options. For Hawaii-based Internet customers, SystemMetrics Internet Access includes the Internet Exchange between different ISPs and Internet carriers in Hawaii. This Internet Exchange optimizes Internet routing within the State of Hawaii, resulting in optimal Internet performance. We can also provide managed, firewalled connectivity to customers — further reducing customer equipment and maintenance requirements.


  • Optimal Performance – Connection speeds of up to 1Gbps Internet access, with optimal routing provided via multiple carrier routes and included Internet Exchange
  • Reliability – Multiple carrier connections maintain customer Internet access during carrier maintenance windows; customers remain online, all the time
  • Flexibility – There are a number of available options for Internet Access Delivery, ranging from DSL to Gigabit Ethernet over fiber, with wireless delivery solutions also available; all connections are typically provided to customer in a familiar Ethernet handoff

24x7 Support with 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

At SystemMetrics, we take our network engineering very seriously, along with our mission to provide businesses with the highest quality data transport available. Our engineers and network are available for your business on a 24/7 basis, and we back our services with a 99.99% uptime guarantee (which we consistently exceed). Our redundant connectivity, superior engineering, and around-the-clock monitoring make us uniquely qualified to handle the most critical of your business connectivity needs.