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Backup Services

Keep your data safe, secure and current

Today’s businesses must rethink their data protection methods in the face of exponential data growth, longer data retention requirements, regulatory compliance, and limited backup windows. For this reason we provide managed server services that relieve our customers of the challenges inherent in maintaining and managing their data backups, while adding the additional protection of an offsite location.

SystemMetrics Data Backup Services (DBS) are fast, reliable, secure and scalable. They represent a managed backup and recovery solution that eliminates the challenges of maintaining and managing a traditional backup environment for your servers — such as tapes and tape drives, backup and recovery software, disk arrays and offsite storage.

With DBS, backed-up data is encrypted on advanced storage arrays in secure, hardened offsite facilities, eliminating tape backups completely. DBS delivers fast, daily, full backups in a fraction of the time traditionally required, and utilizes fewer network resources doing so.

DBS eliminates the risk of human error often associated with daily backup and recovery processes. Customers know exactly what has been backed up, and that it can be restored immediately if necessary. Quick and efficient, DBS is the perfect complement for virtual and physical computing environments, with no software or hardware to purchase and with the SystemMetrics team providing all necessary support and maintenance.

Benefits of backup services

  • Reliability: Guaranteed backup and recovery of customer data
  • Security: Off-site backup data is housed in a secured facility and data is encrypted on the storage grid
  • Performance: Fast data backups and recovery within minimal backup time windows
  • Management: Backup and recovery process is fully managed by SystemMetrics, freeing up customer’s resources
  • Efficiency: DBS is bandwidth-optimized, requiring minimal bandwidth for backup to the off-site storage grid